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BEST USMLE Step 2 CS Physical Exam Videos

USMLE Step 2 CS physical Exam is a very important part of your Clinical Skills examination. This part is simply performed after you are finished gathering your history.

Many students often ask, how in depth the physical exam should be in order to receive full credit on the actual exam. The answer to this question is not easy, since no one truly knows the grading algorithm that USMLE uses.

With that said, here are some very important facts you should know for your USMLE Step 2 CS Physical Exam:

  • Full physical examination is not required for USMLE Step 2 CS. This is mainly due the limited time you have for your encounters, therefore your exam should be focused according to your patients chief complaint. With that said, it is still highly recommended that you still listen to your patients heart, lungs and abdomen, in addition to your focused exam.
    • For example, if your patient is complaining of cough, then you would want to focus your exam on HEENT and Respiratory system. Also note that you can quickly listen to the heart and the abdomen if you think you have enough time to do so. There is no penalty for doing a bit more.
  • Before starting your exam, wash your hands with soap and water and completely dry your hands before touching your patient. I recommend wearing gloves instead, since it is easier and less time consuming.
  • Use proper draping and don’t forget to tie back patient’s gown after you are finished with that part of your exam.
  • Make sure to ask your patient for permission before you begin your physical examination.
  • Adjust the exam table to the appropriate position and height.
  • Explain each part of your physical examination in layman’s term to your patient.
  • Do NOT repeat painful maneuvers and simply apologize if you end up causing discomfort for your patient.

HEENT Physical Exam:USMLE Step 2 CS Physical Exam Videos

Frontal Sinus Transillumination
Maxillary Sinus Transillumination
Funduscopic exam
Lymph node exam (head and neck)
Rinne & Weber test
Spurling’s Test
Thyroid gland exam
MORE HEENT Physical Exam!


Neuro Physical Exam:USMLE Step 2 CS Physical Exam Videos

Babinski Reflex
Cranial nerve (Full examination)
Deep Tendon Reflexes
Dix Hallpike Maneuver
Gait examination
Kernig’s sign (CNS infection, e.g. meningitis)
Mini Mental Status Exam
Rapid Alternating Movement
Romberg Test
Two Point Discrimination
MORE Neuro Physical Exam!


Cardiovascular Physical Exam:

Cardiovascular Examination (FULL)
Orthostatic Hypotension Testing
Peripheral Vascular Examination
Jugular venous pressure
Pulses of the Lower Limb
MORE Cardiovascular Physical Exam!


Respiratory Physical Exams:

Respiratory Exam (FULL)
Diaphragmatic Excursion
Egophony Breath Sounds
Tactile Fremitus
Whispered Pectoriloquy
MORE Respiratory Physical Exam!


Abdominal Physical Exam:USMLE Step 2 CS Physical Exam Videos

Abdominal Exam (FULL)
Fluid Wave
Murphy’s Sign (Cholecystitis)
Obturator sign (for appendicitis)
Psoas Sign (for appendicitis)
Rovsing’s sign (for appendicitis)
Rebound Tenderness
Rectal Exam
Spleen Exam
MORE Abdominal Physical Exam!


Genitourinary System Physical Exam:

—-Scrotum exam
—-Breast exam
—-Cervical exam
—-Vaginal exam
MORE Genitourinary system Physical Exam!


Musculoskeletal Physical Exam:

Spurling’s Test (Cervical radiculopathy)
Shoulder Exam
Tinel sign (Carpal tunnel syndrome)
Straight leg raise (Sciatic nerve impingement)
FABER test aka Patrick’s Test (Hip dysfunction)
FADIR test (Hip dysfunction)
Anterior Drawer Test of the Knee (Anterior Cruciate Ligament ‘ACL’ test)
Posterior Drawer Test (Posterior Cruciate Ligament ‘PCL’ test)
Lachman Test (Anterior Cruciate Ligament ‘ACL’ test)
McMurray test (Meniscus tear)
Varus Stress Test (Lateral Collateral Ligament ‘LCL’ test)
Ankle exam
➡ MORE Musculoskeletal Physical Exam!


Pediatrics Physical Exam:USMLE Step 2 CS Physical Exam Videos

Newborn (FULL)
Barlow and Ortolani test
MORE Pediatrics Physical Exam!


USMLE Step 2 CS Physical Exam Videos

BEST USMLE Step 2 CS Physical Exam Videos - What You Should Know -
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