5 year old with cardiovascular disease – Medical Question

Cardiovascular disease:

5-year-old male is brought to the physician because of developing cyanosis with minimal exertion. Parents tell you he has experienced these episodes in the past and it first began soon after he was born. During these episodes the child assumes a squatting position because it makes him feel better. On physical examination he is found to have an enlarged right ventricle. Which of the embryological events most likely underlines his condition?

A) Aortic arch constriction
B) Pulmonary hypertension
C) Endocardial cushion defect
D) Abnormal primitive heart tube looping
E) Abnormal neural crest cell migration

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[expand title=”CLICK HERE VIEW CORRECT ANSWER:”][sociallocker]Correct answer is E, Abnormal Neural crest cell migration.[/sociallocker][/expand]

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