RLQ Abdominal Pain – Medical Question

RLQ Abdominal Pain:

A 23-year-old woman comes in because of progressive RLQ abdominal pain over the last month. Physical examination reveals a mildly tender, right adnexal mass. Pelvic ultrasound shows a 7-cm right adnexal complex cyst. Microscopically the cyst has cartilage, adipose tissue, intestinal glands, hair, a tooth and thyroid tissue. Which of the following is associated with this patients tumor?
RLQ Abdominal Pain

A) Decreased parathyroid hormone
B) Increased alpha-fetoprotein
C) Increase Lactate dehydrogenase
D) Decreased thyroid stimulating hormone
E) Increased Beta-hCG
F) Increased parathyroid hormone
G) Increased thyroid stimulating hormone



[expand title=”CLICK HERE TO VIEW CORRECT ANSWER:”][sociallocker]Correct answer is choice D. Cystic teratomas, aka dermoid cysts are the most common benign ovarian neoplasm. They may be composed of a verriety of cell types and have a mixture of tissues. When thyroid tissue makes up more than 50% of the teratoma, the dermoid is then referred to as Struma Ovarrii. Patients with struma ovarrii may have symptoms of hyperthyroidism together with elevated levels of thyroid hormone & decreased levels of TSH. Imaging of the pelvis is indicated. Treatment of struma ovarri is by surgical removal of the tumor after 4-6 weeks of suppressive thyroid therapy.[/sociallocker][/expand]


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