Hematology Medical Question

Hematology Medical Question

A 34 year old male is being evaluated for anemia. Hypersegmented neutrophils were observed on the peripheral blood smear. Which of the following is a complication of vitamin B12 or Folic acid replacement therapy?

A] Diarrhea
B] Hemolysis
C] Hypokalemia
D] Seizures
F] Hyperkalemia
H] Thrombocytopenia




[jbox color=”red”][expand title=”CLICK HERE to view the correct answer:”][sociallocker]Correct asnwer is F. Hyperkalemia from massive tissue or cellular breakdown has many causes. Hypokalemia from cell production is rare. When replacing B12 and Folate, particularly if there is pancytopenia, cells in the marrow are produced so rapidly that the marrow packages up all the potassium, lowering the serum level. [/sociallocker][/expand][/jbox]

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